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The Wonders of Vinegar

Vinegar is not only for cooking. I am sure you have heard of distilled vinegar being used in the kitchen for multiple purposes. I am going to explain a few of them now. If you have a nasty smelling drain combine 1 cup baking soda and one cup of hot distilled vinegar down your drain. […]

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Tired Of That Grout Looking So Dingy?

Either on your bathroom floor, shower, kitchen floor or counter-tops, tile is tile and grout is grout. If you have continuous problems getting your grout cleaned or keeping it cleaned you may have grout that is not sealed. I will explain what you can do to clean and prevent future wasted time scrubbing that grout. […]

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Husband Leave Tracks Again?

Ever have that plate of lasagna or greasy hamburger fall on your carpet and can’t seem to get it out? Maybe your husband tracks in grease or oil from the garage and gets it all over your carpet. I will explain what steps you can take to help prevent these stains from happening without yelling […]

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Pet Urine Causing You A Stink?

If you are a pet owner I am sure you have had to deal with the occasional accident. You have tried to clean the stain up several times but it always seems to come back. Or the smell never seems to leave your home. Well I am going to explain what you can do to […]

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Understanding Surfactants

Surfactants are compounds that lower the surface tension of liquids. Basically when it comes to using a chemical like a Degreaser, surfactants are the molecules in the chemical. They are designed to separate and lift heavily soiled surfaces, like a greasy kitchen floor. You can mop your kitchen floor all day long with water but […]

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