How We Clean

Protect and Defend

When we’re on a cleaning mission, securing your health is our primary objective. At Pristine Cleaning our primary weapon of choice is the Kaivac Cleaning System. With this amazing system contageous diseases such as Influenza, Ecoli, MRSA and many others can be taken care of immediately.

Public restrooms, floors, sinks, and even water fountains are breading grounds for harmful biological hazards. It’s important to us that your employees and customers stay protected.

It is vital that these areas be cleaned completely and properly to remove harmful biological hazards and reduce the threats of disease. It isn’t good enough to simply clean for appearance. Cleaning for health must be the ultimate goal

They’re Walking All Over You!

Let’s face it, floors have a tough life. However, when they go mistreated and neglected they can often return the favor.

Discoloration and excessive dirt reflect a floor in desperate need of help. Scratches and wear and tear can build up quickly over a short period of time. A damaged floor can also reflect poorly on your business. That’s why we pride ourselves in our ability to clean, protect, and rejuvenate all types of flooring from wood to resin.

Our floor services provide a one-stop solution for bringing life back to your floors and an improved image to your business.

Environmental Responsibility

Green Seal is a third-party, non profit, and independent organization dedicated to achieving a healthier, cleaner environment.

Green Seal certification confirms that certain Kaivac chemicals are: Safer to use than other more traditional cleaning chemicals used for the same or similar purpose. Also they are just as effective as traditional cleaning chemicals.

For more information visit Green Seal.