Pet Urine Causing You A Stink?

If you are a pet owner I am sure you have had to deal with the occasional accident. You have tried to clean the stain up several times but it always seems to come back. Or the smell never seems to leave your home. Well I am going to explain what you can do to prevent these stains from coming back and how to eliminate that terrible smell. If you notice that your pet had an “accident” the trick is to get to it right away. You will need the following: Bio-Enzymatic Spotter, a clean white micro fiber cloth or white paper towels and a shoe on your foot or a heavy hand. Bio-Enzymatic Spotter is a multi-enzyme carpet spotter, odor eliminator and protector.  A Enzymatic spotter utilizes a broad-spectrum odor counteractant that chemically neutralizes the malodor, and a special blend of enzymes that eliminate the odor at the source.

Stain Penetration

Step 1: Blot the Spot

Be sure you blot the spot with low pressure to begin pulling out the urine. DO NOT RUB THE STAIN. Lightly press on the stain soaking up as much of the remaining soil as possible, changing your microfiber or paper towels as needed. Once you are unable to pull out any more of the soil press harder with your hand and palm trying to penetrate the carpet fibers into the pad with heavy pressure. Once this is done and you have pulled out as much as possible go to step 2.

Step 2:

Spray spotter around the stain working towards the middle. Let solution set for 5 minuets.

Step 3:

Blot the Spot Again. Once the solution has penetrated for 5 minuets, blot dry with a clean microfiber cloth just like step 1. Repeat as necessary. Once the stain has been removed the spotter will engage its enzymatic properties and kill any remaining odors created by the urine enzymes that create that terrible smell.

The best way to protect your floor is to use a carpet protector chemical this will coat and protect the fibers from becoming soiled and stained from daily wear and spills. Your carpet will stay cleaner longer and clean easier. It also increases vacuum efficiency.


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Josh Reffitt has over 15 years of facility and custodial knowledge with in depth knowledge of school and commercial custodial services. He has a degree from Miami University in Business Management Technology and multiple certifications including Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM), Quality Assurance Officer (QAO). He also possess multiple certifications in equipment and chemical usage. He has a history for being well known for improving methods in the custodial industry, facility repairs and many more. Josh has helped many businesses achieve cost-saving measures by reducing staff, product, and educating their employees in better techniques of safety and cleaning processes and procedures.

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