Where We Clean

Here to serve, and sometimes over there

Pristine Cleaning, LLC is located in Middletown, OH. We primarily serve Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, Ohio and Northern Kentucky. However, we’re open to expanding our services outside the region if the right job permits.

Regardless of the project scope, clients can rest assured that they will receive our best. We are committed to completing projects on time or before the deadline and making sure they are 100% satisfied.

A little about us

We show up to every job wearing spandex, just kidding.

The truth is we love cleaning and we enjoy it. We wanted our website to have the same kind of energy and polish that you’ll get from our commercial cleaning services. We have a passion for cleaning and we’re an underdog in the industry. That’s a benefit that we pass on to you. Our unique business model allows us to maintain a low overhead and still deliver professional, high quality results with our services.

Pristine Cleaning, LLC. was founded in 2007 by Josh Reffitt. After several years of working in commercial cleaning and sales for different companies he decided to combine his two passions and create Pristine Cleaning.

After multiple successful cleaning projects, word of mouth spread of Pristine Cleaning’s high quality cleaning services. Demand increased and Josh decided to take on the business full time.

Since then Pristine Cleaning has gained several large scale cleaning projects and maintained the loyalty of many of the smaller accounts that helped launch the success of the company.

Josh currently serves as company president and head of sales. He also enjoys getting his hands dirty and often serves as on-site project manager during the company’s busy periods.

Contact Josh today and get a free estimate for your commercial cleaning needs.