Husband Leave Tracks Again?

Ever have that plate of lasagna or greasy hamburger fall on your carpet and can’t seem to get it out? Maybe your husband tracks in grease or oil from the garage and gets it all over your carpet. I will explain what steps you can take to help prevent these stains from happening without yelling at your husband for the fifteenth time to take off his shoes or wash his hands before he enters the home.

Greasy boot tracks
Greasy boot tracks

First step is to remove any excess debris from the floor. Once all you have are greasy boot prints simply spray on a carpet degreaser lightly. Do not over concentrate this chemical. It can loosen the glue if your carpet is glued down and could bleach your carpet. It is recommended that you try any chemical you are using on your floor in a inconspicuous area to test for bleaching or discoloring. Also, be sure not to over wet the area for you may stretch the carpet and leave creases in your carpet.

Next you will want to blot the area thoroughly removing the soil from the carpet. If the stain is not lightening up be sure to spray the area and wait for several minuets before tempting to blot dry the area again. If the stain is still not lightening up you will need to respray the area and wait several minuets. Once the chemical has rested and penetrated as deep in the fibers as possible loosening the greasy mess you can start from the out side of the stain in a circular motion working in toward the center of the stain rubbing with a ultra soft bristle brush until area is no longer able to see. DO NOT CONTINUE TO RUB THE STAIN. You can over work the carpet causing more wear on the fibers than needed.

Once the area is completely clean be sure to use a carpet protector. A carpet protector chemical will coat and protect the fibers from becoming soiled and stained from daily wear and spills. Your carpet will stay cleaner longer and clean easier. It also Increases vacuum efficiency.

I hope that during this whole time you are reading this blog to your husband making sure he cleans it correctly. Don’t feel bad in telling him he missed a spot. Even if its all up, just tell him the lighting is still showing the spot. That will keep him busy for hours. Just make sure you are not overworking the area. 🙂


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